History of Meyers Motors

The Meyers Motors story began in 1930, when three brothers, Bob, Neville and Lionel Meyer opened a small Service Station in East London. The business soon expanded from service and repair, to car hire, taxi services and subsequently became sub-agents for three makes of new cars, including Chevrolet. In 1931, only 18 months after its inception, the business became known as Meyers Garage (Pty) Limited, a fully-fledged Company.

Throughout the depression, the business flourished, and in 1935 a major incident took place – one which would change the focus of the company considerably – Mr Jack Wilson of General Motors asked the Meyer brothers to store two Pontiacs for him for a short while.

The brothers never let a good opportunity pass and soon after that they secured the Border agency for Pontiac and Vauxhall. Shortly thereafter, the East London Agency for Buick and Chevrolet fell vacant and the Meyer brothers acquired that too.

At the beginning of the 50's, a Branch was opened in King Williams Town, and in 1958 the present East London premises, as we know them today, was completed.

In 1966, Mac Dewar joined the company as salesman, becoming assistant to the then Sales Director, Tommy Draycott. He became General Manager in 1974 and succeeded Peter Woodward as Managing Director in 1975, at which time Peter Woodward took over the Chairmanship of the company from Bob Meyer.

Subsequently, in 1984, due to failing health, Peter Woodward asked to be relieved of the Chairmanship. Dr Ashton Chubb, who had been a non-executive member of the Board of Directors since 1953, accepted the Board's invitation to become Chairman.

In December 1986, a further significant factor contributing to the company’s present success occurred. At that time, the then Senior Management team of General Motors, together with Bob Price, the former Managing Director of General Motors SA, conducted a successful buy-out of the company and formed Delta Motor Corporation, with whom the Meyers Dealership has continued most successfully.

Mike Meyer, the son of one of the founders, Lionel Meyer, joined the company in 1987 and was appointed Vice-Chairman.

In 1990, the two existing majority shareholders, Executive Vice-Chairman, Mike Meyer, and Managing Director, Mac Dewar, acquired the entire ordinary shareholding of Meyers Motors Limited.

Peter Bradfield joined the Company in 1988 as Management Accountant. In 1991, he became an Alternate Director. In 1995, he was appointed General Manager, before finally becoming Group Financial Director.

In 1997, Mac Dewar retired and the Managing Director’s position was taken over by Brent Thorp.

Meyers Car Bazaar opened its showroom in July 1999, opposite the New Car showroom in Cambridge Street, East London. The idea behind Car Bazaar was to offer car buyers an extensive range of older, higher mileage cars at affordable prices.

Meyers Used Cars in Devereux Avenue, East London opened in 2000, offering customers a substantial selection of non-Delta products.

In March 2001, Meyers began a partnership with Avis Rent-a-Car and Avis Van Rental. Since investing in the company, the rental fleet has grown from 10 to 36 vehicles in the Eastern Cape and continues to expand.

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